Mobile Internet Marketing

Mobile Internet Marketing: The Only online Marketing Avenue that is Still Untapped

IM’ers can be very saavy. They find opportunities where none exist and discover markets where none venture. There is no such thing as an untapped marketing avenue on the internet, however, there is one paradox – Mobile Internet Marketing. Many experienced IM’ers don’t consider this avenue as a legitimate money earning source, but a select…

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E-Mail Marketing

Email Marketing – The Most Effective ‘Hard Sell’ Option for Your Blog

There are two types of offline and online selling techniques – Soft sell and Hard Sell. Soft selling involves enticement, engagement, ads and all other types of nudges and pushes that we employ to turn a visitor into a customer. Hard sell is the exact opposite where the sellers know that people want their products.…

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Want More Visitors? How to Increase Engagement on Your Site

Building and marketing a website “correctly” is like solving a puzzle, or even more fitting, like solving a Rubik’s cube (Entire Post to come on this in the near future). A large part of the final product is the ability to get visitors to your blog, but just as important is the ability to keep…

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Joint Ventures = Success

4 Golden Principles of Joint Ventures (JVs): The Life Line of Internet Marketers

There is no single niche that is completely unique in the Internet Marketing world. No matter what your chosen niche is, there are already thousands of people in it; all vying for a small portion of the market pie. Competition is not bad as it compels us to do better, but this article is not…

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How To Build Links - The 2015 Way

2 Simple and Proven Link Building Strategies – The 2015 Way

Until about a year ago, webmasters had it very easy. All they had to do was build tons and tons of backlinks and their sites would be hogging the SERPs in no time. The Search Engines never stopped preaching the importance of quality links over quantity, but their algorithms were not good enough to put…

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Do You Have a Content Strategy?

Do You Have a Strategy? Integrated Content and its Benefits for Internet Marketers

The process of creation, distribution, promotion, optimization and linking all these aspects into one big, self feeding cycle – is called Integrated content. If you are new to internet marketing, you may have never heard this term. Heck, I’m still new and I had never come across this term even on the plethora of blogs…

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Strategically attract visitors

3 Proven Strategies to Attract Traffic to your Blog AND Keep People Interested

In the offline world, the popularity of a shop can be gauged by the amount of foot traffic it gets each day. In the online world, the popularity of a blog is measured by the number of “eyeballs” (traffic visiting your site) everyday. The first mark of success for any blog is to achieve a consistent…

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Leveraging Social Media for Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (IM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are two parallel worlds, with lots of overlaps and interconnections. They can exist individually but when they are combined together, they become a powerful marketing platform. At times youtube content can lack views without good youtube marketing campaign and this is where you can use social media…

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Build Your List!

How to Build an Email List: Top 3 Methods

Email communication is the best way to take your visitor interactions to a personal level. But why do you need personal interactions with your visitors? What are the benefits? How do you get their email address in the first place? How do you continue with these interactions without losing their interest levels? These are the basic…

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You Blog is a Financial Asset. Build your Brand Around It!

If blogging is just a hobby for you, don’t read any further as this article is not for you. But if you are looking to make money through your blog, you cannot afford to treat it like a soundboard. You need to nurture, maintain and develop it, like you would do with any business asset…

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