You Blog is a Financial Asset. Build your Brand Around It!

If blogging is just a hobby for you, don’t read any further as this article is not for you. But if you are looking to make money through your blog, you cannot afford to treat it like a soundboard. You need to nurture, maintain and develop it, like you would do with any business asset in the offline world. Your monetization types may vary – AdSense, services, products, affiliate marketing, email marketing, are some examples – but the process will always be the same. Your blog is the medium through which you reach out to the target audience and the best way to do that is by establishing it as a brand. Branding is a proven process with many associated business benefits. In this article, we’ll take a look at the 3 most important blog monetization benefits of branding.

Instant Recall: Google, Facebook and Twitter are examples of online brands. You don’t need to think twice about what each one represents, do you? These companies have created brands that have instant recall with the consumers. Your online entity may or may not be as big as these companies (even these were not big brands when they started out) but you must try to create a brand identity within your niche. Not many bloggers make an effort to build a niche brand because they either think that there is too much work for too little returns or they low ball their perception and think that they don’t have enough substance to build a brand. Building a niche brand is not too difficult or costly; and the recall value that a brand generates is well worth the effort spent on it.

Consumer Loyalty: Your brand is the identity that people associate with. When they come to your site and transact, they have already formed an opinion about that transaction. If it is negative, you can’t do anything about it but if their experience is positive, you need to give them a medium through which they can re-live the good experience again and again. Your ‘Brand’ does that job. When people associate their good transactional experiences with the brand, they are starting to build some trust and will most likely come back to your site when an opportunity arises. Brand loyalty brings in more than 70% of revenues for most online companies.

Authority and SEO Benefits: If your blog is generic, you are one among the millions of bloggers in your niche. When you take the time and effort to create a brand, design a logo, slogan, streamline your products, add content value to visitors, you are automatically creating yourself a unique identity. Getting your own space (identity) is half the battle won in the online world and that can bring you repeat visitors. Branding brings many SEO benefits too. If your site has a logo and has unique favicons (different sized logos) in the site coding, the search engines give it more preference. Search engines also track your blog’s social media presence to understand its authority. When you have a brand or a logo, the search engines use that as a reference point to search the social platforms. Brand value in terms of SEO benefits is not tangible and so, most people ignore it altogether, much to their detriment.

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