Want More Visitors? How to Increase Engagement on Your Site

Building and marketing a website “correctly” is like solving a puzzle, or even more fitting, like solving a Rubik’s cube (Entire Post to come on this in the near future). A large part of the final product is the ability to get visitors to your blog, but just as important is the ability to keep people engaged and coming back once they have found you. Not only is this time consuming, but it also involves lot of effort and possibly cost. So, it is very important to optimize these visitors in the best possible way. However, there is no guarantee that each visitor will convert into a revenue generating “unit” for you. Your job as a blogger is to entice people, to make them want to come to your site. You want to engage them in such a way that they come back again and again. The enticement part is taken care of by the content we publish but the engagement part is something that we need to work on constantly. There are many proven ways to engage site visitors, here’s a look at a few of the most important of them.

Site Design and Responsiveness: That’s right, aesthetic appeal is the most important parameter for visitor engagement. This is an intangible metric but split tests and conversion optimization studies can identify the right design for your niche. It is also important to keep a proper content structure on the site, which adds on to the visual appeal of the visitors. It is proven that well designed sites with clutter free pages, have 40% less bounce rate, when compared with sites of standard designs. Responsiveness is a measure of site load speed and navigational speed. No one wants to spend extra seconds waiting for the site to load or transition to a new page. All of us have experienced that irritation. We should never let that happen to our visitors. We must also make sure that there are no dead navigational links in the site.

Site Gamification: Rewards and freebies are some things that people cannot resist. No matter how simple the rewards or how silly the freebies are. This psychological fact has been proven through many scientific experiments and gives us bloggers, a powerful weapon to retain the attention of visitors for longer durations. The process of enticing visitors with rewards for various actions they perform on the site is called site gamification. As simple as this sounds, there are some bloggers who have taken gamification to a different level and benefitted from it in the form of visitor retention and revenues. Login rewards, freebies on each download, level ups, special badges for regular users, contests, AMAs, etc, are some of the common gamification techniques used by bloggers. This is a double edged sword though; some bloggers cram too many ‘game tasks’ and rewards on their site, which can distract the visitors from the original objective, so, be prudent when you choose this option.

Internal Link Map and Search Options: Visitors came to your site seeking information and to assume that they need more information about the same topic is very logical. Internal links will guide the visitors through related topics. And there is a 70% chance that the visitor might navigate to your internal link page, especially if he/she has come through a search engine. Apart from this, having a prominent search tab (site search), will entice the visitors to use your site instead of google, to fulfill their quest of additional information. Visitor engagement is an ongoing process and the methods you use might also need tweaking from time to time. The three methods mentioned here are proven parameters but there could be other methods that are more effective for your niche. Don’t stop testing and trying the different available methods.



  • Roy Miller

    Reply Reply October 4, 2015

    Jeff, you are so right. Getting visitors to your site is a time consuming effort, but one that will pay off in the long run. You must stay focused and take consistent action, as well as your content being of value to your visitors.

    • jmil0021

      Reply Reply October 7, 2015

      Thanks Roy, I appreciate the comment! I couldn’t agree more! As long as you truly care about helping everyone who visits your site, and you stay the course… it will happen. So many people give up too soon… it’s an investment, and as you said, in the long run it will pay off.

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