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The Easiest Blog Monetization Methods

Internet entrepreneurship is not just about e-commerce; there are numerous other activities that can earn you good money. Blogging is the simplest, easiest and most popular money making activity online. Conceptually, blogging is nothing but creating online content on topic(s) that you are interested in and reaching out to likeminded people on the Internet through this content. Anyone can do this and in fact, many people do. However, when it comes to monetization, most people don’t know where to begin. Here are some simple, yet effective blog monetization methods for beginners. These methods are not going to set the cash registers ringing but are good enough to add a few hundred dollars at the end of the month.

Ads: You can earn money by displaying advertisements in a few strategic locations on the web page. Google AdSense is the most popular ad network on the planet. They pay blog owners on every ‘click’ that visitors make on the ads. The payout is just a few cents per click but these cents add up to a decent amount, as more and more people start clicking on the displayed ads. There are several other ad networks and some of them offer much higher payouts for niche specific blogs.

You can also solicit individual advertisers to display their ads on your blog. This type of ‘Paid Ad’ works well when you have good visitor numbers. Apart from display ads, you can also display text link ads, pop up ads, widget ads, etc. The choices are many and you can combine more than one type of ads on your blog, thereby maximizing your on page earnings.

Affiliate Marketing: There are millions of products and services that are dependent on Internet marketing for survival. The sellers of these products/services are always on the lookout for affiliates (people who sell products/services). Most of the times, the sellers themselves reach out and request you to showcase their products/services on your site, in exchange of commission for every sale your site brings to them. Or, you can simply create an affiliate account in eBay or Amazon (or any other popular affiliate site) and list their products.

Affiliate marketing is not too difficult on a blog that attracts natural traffic. The trick is to make sure that the affiliate products are related to the blog niche, which gives a reason for the visitors to go ahead and buy the products.

Monetizing Your Expertise: When you create a blog and load it with keyword-optimized content, you automatically will attract highly targeted visitors. These visitors consider your site to be an ‘authority’ of the niche and that makes you an expert on the topic. There are thousands of other bloggers in the same niche who might want a share of your visitor’s pie. They’ll be willing to pay you or get into a joint venture with you, in the hope of getting some targeted visitors to their site. As an expert blog owner, you have many opportunities to monetize this situation. Competing blogs will pay you to display their articles or links on your site. They’ll pay you to write an authority article on their site. If you have an email list, they will pay you good money to run an email campaign about their site. These are avenues through which a blogger can make substantial income for a sustained period of time.

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