Leveraging Social Media for Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing (IM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are two parallel worlds, with lots of overlaps and interconnections. They can exist individually but when they are combined together, they become a powerful marketing platform. At times youtube content can lack views without good youtube marketing campaign and this is where you can use social media content boosting companies to increase your content’s visibility. The marketing techniques, strategies and business models for these two platforms are markedly different and this is perhaps why most people stick to just one, in the hope of building expertise on their chosen platform. However, the rapid expansion of social media and the trend of sharing internet sites on social platforms have blurred the lines of distinction between the two. It has become impossible for marketers of either side, to ignore the other. Here are a few techniques that Internet Marketers can employ to gain potential clients, customers and visitors from social media.  social-media-400854_640

Sharable Content: Statistics tell us that people spend 60% of their social networking time by sharing information. FB shares, retweets, comments on shares, likes, etc, take up most of the time. The word ‘viral’ literally means being shared rapidly. It makes a lot of sense for Internet Marketers to publish content that exclusively caters to the social networkers because there is a chance that it may go viral at any time. Experienced IM’ers always create socially sharable version of their blog content. Sharable content can be visual (video), infographic or a presentation, with a link to your original content on the blog.

Niche Targeting: On the internet, bloggers will have to create a blog, optimize it with niche content and then wait for target visitors to come to their blog. But on social media, bloggers can directly reach out to potential visitors. Social networks have readymade communities, fan pages, hashtags and forums for all niches. All you need to do is identify your target groups, list them out and start reaching out to them directly. If done properly, you can easily bring in thousands of visitors to your blog content, without having to depend on SEO and SERP rankings!

Interactions: People are social creatures. They prefer informal conversations over professional communications. Social networks are places where people gather to have informal interactions. As an internet marketer, this is the best place for you to build a relationship with your target audience in an informal way. People also tend to be more forthright with their communications when it is done on an informal platform. So, not only can you expect honest and unbiased views from your customers, you can also be assured that your messages will be well received when it is published on a social platform.

Competition Analysis: Understanding your competitors, analyzing their methods and planning your strategies to overcome competition are essential survival prerequisites for an internet marketer. Social media is the most reliable platform for competitor analysis. Not only can you see what your competitors are up to, you can also track the audience reaction to what your competitors are doing. Marketing strategies that work for your competitors are good springboards for your own business too. You can also learn to avoid mistakes made by your competitors by looking at their promotion methods. Most importantly, you can always keep an open tab on your niche via social media.

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