Do You Have a Content Strategy?

Do You Have a Strategy? Integrated Content and its Benefits for Internet Marketers

The process of creation, distribution, promotion, optimization and linking all these aspects into one big, self feeding cycle – is called Integrated content. If you are new to internet marketing, you may have never heard this term. Heck, I’m still new and I had never come across this term even on the plethora of blogs and podcasts I read and listen to daily. Even experienced bloggers do not understand the concept in its entirety. Integrated content is the process that can potentially create a revenue stream on autopilot mode. Of course, it takes time for you to set it up but once it is done, all you need to do is sit back and watch as the process takes care of itself, generating revenue for you. Let me explain how this works!

EverGreen Content: You can create content on any topic but the bottom line is always determined by how many people are interested in that topic. So, when we talk about a concept that is supposedly going to be self feeding (autopilot), it can only work on niches (or topics within a niche) that constantly interest people. For example, if you are an IM’er selling laser printers, your clients are not going to be repeat buyers (not in the immediate future at least). So, an integrated content campaign will not work well. However, you can still use this process to earn money – not by integrating printer sales content but by integrating printer cartridge sales content! People using printers will need cartridges regularly. So, your evergreen (sub)niche is this!

Long Term Promotional Avenues: Evergreen topics need evergreen promotion channels for survival. A twitter campaign or facebook ad campaign will send visitors to the site but this stops as soon as the campaign is done. Integrated content cannot run on a promotion that becomes a dead end after sometime. Avenues of promotion must be long term; Youtube, Facebook Fan Pages and Google+ are some prominent examples. These sites rank well on the SERPs and also have large user base of their own. A promotion on any of these platforms will not only drive traffic but will sustain this traffic flow for a long duration of time, which is ideal for integrated content processes.

Idea, Plan, Action...Need I say more...

Idea, Plan, Action…Need I say more?

Customer Re-engagement Via Reminders: The smartest way to set up an integrated content process is by leveraging the existing customer base in an effective manner. We’ve seen how evergreen niches attract repeat customers. But how do you ensure that these repeat customers generate revenue for you? The answer is simple; just add value or an incentive to their continued engagement with you. For example, if you are subscribed to a service that has a monthly payment, you get reminders from the service provider just before the due date, don’t you. This ‘reminder’ concept is the best way to re-engage with your customer/visitor base.

Integrated content process is not too different from the ‘membership’ promotions that offline clothing stores and supermarkets offer to their customers. It is still a relatively new process for internet marketing but has great potential for innovations. The explanation given in this article is just a jist and each parameter mentioned above has numerous sub parameters that need to be done right. Biggies like ebay, Walmart, Amazon, etc, are doing this very effectively and it won’t be long before smaller IM’ers realize the benefits of this process and start doing it. Since this is a long drawn process, many people are reluctant to use this as a marketing strategy. But the rewards of ‘auto mode’ revenues are too great for you to not attempt it on your blog!


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