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Email Marketing – The Most Effective ‘Hard Sell’ Option for Your Blog

There are two types of offline and online selling techniques – Soft sell and Hard Sell. Soft selling involves enticement, engagement, ads and all other types of nudges and pushes that we employ to turn a visitor into a customer. Hard sell is the exact opposite where the sellers know that people want their products. They leverage this customer need by presenting themselves as the only option that’s available. Let’s look at offline examples for better understanding. When we walk into a mega store to buy specific items that we need and the sales assistant convinces us to buy stuff that we can use (but have no immediate need), we are victims of soft selling. But when we walk into a pharmacy with a specific need to buy non prescription medication and the pharmacist says that that particular brand is not in stock but he can give you an alternate brand with the same formula medication, we are being coerced by a hard sell. Email marketing is the only online marketing avenue where internet marketers can boldly hard sell their products to customers.


E-mail Marketing – Build Your List!

Email marketing is perhaps the oldest online marketing technique that the internet has seen but it still remains one of the most effective sales methods for internet marketers like the Local Vis Pros. The fact that people have willingly agreed to receive email solicitations (we’re not talking about email spam here), emboldens IM’ers to hold nothing back and go all out to hard sell their products. It might be easier than you thought if you use Amazon SES email marketing. There are inherent advantages and disadvantages in an email marketing campaign. The major disadvantage is the conversion rate, which is abysmal when compared to other techniques. But things like lower costs, higher click through to conversion ratios and ability to conduct aggressive marketing are some of the advantages that email marketing gives. Overall, this marketing technique is a ‘must do’ for all internet marketers because their ROI is very high on each campaign.

IM’ers need an email list to start their campaigns and it takes quite a while to build it. So, what would you do if you are a new IM’er? Simple, prepare a list of your competitors and ask them individually if they are willing to run your campaign on their email list on a revenue share basis. More often than not, you’ll find your competitors accepting the offer. This process of using competitor email lists for your blog promotions is called Solo Ad promotion. Solo ads are a staple for affiliate marketers and consumable product sellers and nowadays, IM’ers of most niches are willing to do it because it gives them an additional stream of revenue.

When you run a solo ad campaign, you definitely are losing some of your revenue to your competitors but in return, you are earning valuable customers, who can be re-monetized again and again. It is a win-win situation and will double up as an instant cash flow option for you. Email marketing can also be entirely outsourced to professional e-mailers, who have niche segregated lists with them. This option is costlier when compared to solo ads but is definitely worth pursuing because of the high ROI and addition of new customers to your business. And remember, don’t ever participate in spam campaigns. We want to build a list the right way, by giving as much value as possible to the people who spend their time reading our content, purchasing our products. You should be in this to help and serve others.  If your heart is in the right place, and you attain the pertinent knowledge you could become a very successful internet marketer!


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