The Top SEO Tips for 2015

Search Engine algorithms have undergone a radical change in the last 1 year. Till about 2014, the entire emphasis was on link building but of late, the dynamics have changed considerably. Working on the Knowledge Graph premise, the search engines have started ranking sites based on their authority and quality of content (information). Visitor Delight…

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How Does Your Blog Content Help in Search Engine Ranking?

Content is the backbone of every successful Internet Marketing campaign. Content comes in many types but the most popular form is the written (article) version. People come to a site seeking information and the written word is the best way to convey the message. Written content is also important for SEO because the search engines…

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Build Your Business One Step at a Time

Avoid these Internet Marketing Pitfalls. Build your Online Success, One Step at a Time

The lure of Internet marketing is very compelling and thousands of optimistic people plunge into this world on a daily basis, in the hope of earning good money. Statistics tell us that more than 95% of these aspiring Internet marketers fail, only because they did not do the basics right. Optimism is good but if…

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It's about Quality, not Quantity

How to Create Quality Blog Content

“Content is King”, is the adage that’s parroted in the blog circles, often without understanding the true magnitude of its importance. It is possible to sustain a blog without SEO, links, niche relevance, etc, but it is impossible to keep a blog alive without quality content. Content is expected to achieve two important objectives, both…

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Content Is King!

The Easiest Blog Monetization Methods

Internet entrepreneurship is not just about e-commerce; there are numerous other activities that can earn you good money. Blogging is the simplest, easiest and most popular money making activity online. Conceptually, blogging is nothing but creating online content on topic(s) that you are interested in and reaching out to likeminded people on the Internet through…

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Welcome to the 1st Post in my “Partnership to Success” Online Business Building Journey – Coached by John Thornhill

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to make a full time income while being my own boss. I saw my dad do it as a kid, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps. Like everyone else, I saw the “shiny” products promising overnight success, an abundance of cash flow and a “laptop lifestyle”…

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