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3 Proven Strategies to Attract Traffic to your Blog AND Keep People Interested

In the offline world, the popularity of a shop can be gauged by the amount of foot traffic it gets each day. In the online world, the popularity of a blog is measured by the number of “eyeballs” (traffic visiting your site) everyday. The first mark of success for any blog is to achieve a consistent number of daily visitors. Many bloggers plan for search engine optimization in the hope of getting traffic. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to start ranking extremely high in the search engines. For starters, SERP based natural traffic can take a long time to materialize. That’s because the search engines prefer to showcase older blogs to search users and it can take a while for your blog to gain the trust of Google and its partners. Here a few alternate methods to generate lots of blog traffic, which in turn can convert into revenue for you.

Promoting effectively across Social Media Platforms can bring in a lot of new traffic.

Promoting effectively across Social Media Platforms can bring in a lot of new traffic.

Content Promotion: Publishing good content on your blog is only half the job. The next step is to take it to the people who might be interested in it. Every blog post of yours must be treated like an individual event and must be accompanied by promotional activities on various platforms. Visitor tracking must be done individually for each blog post; only then will bloggers be able to analyze and identify the best suited content for the blog. Promotions on social platforms (when done on the right channels and right communities) can easily bring in 200 to 300 visitors every day. When you start promoting each blog post, the numbers of visitors increase exponentially. This is the trick that most bloggers miss; they treat the blog as a whole entity but they should be treating each post as an individual entity for traffic generation.

Visual Media Promotions: Youtube and other video media channels are the most visited sites on the planet. Not only are these treasure troves of targeted traffic, they act as evergreen promotion methods for all our blog posts. One video upload linking to your site, stays forever on youtube. All you need to do is make the video interesting enough to attract niche traffic and you are assured daily traffic from that one video! Creating videos may need specialized skills; you can either develop it or can outsource the entire video creation to an expert (there are many and a lot of them are very reasonably priced).

Mobile Media Activities: This is one aspect that is completely neglected, even by experts. Modern day smart phones are not just used for making calls and playing games, they are veritable mini computers. Statistics show that more than 60% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and yet webmasters don’t consider this source optimizable. You have to start tapping into the mobile users segment now to get a head start before others realize it. The starting point is getting onto mobile device social platforms like wechat, whatsapp, snapchat and their ilk. These places are teeming with niche segmented communities and they are still ‘virgin’ markets (not many people advertise or promote). Part of google’s ranking system is now even dependent on if your site is “mobile friendly”.

These three sources are good enough to generate 800-1000 visitors per day…..per blog post! If you have multiple blog posts on your site, your visitor count is going to catapult your blog into the SERP ranking in just a few months.


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